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Out of the Woodwork Blog for Monday June 5, 2023

Out of the Woodwork 

A Love Letter to the Public Health Workforce 

This blog, which drops every Monday, is intended for the public health workforce to take their rightful place along with everyone else in making the world better. Scope of content includes epidemiology, data sources and analysis, quality improvement, tools and tricks to do the work, and professional development ideas. 

This curated list is a gift to those students in public health programs, new to the public health field, or seasoned veterans of the public health workforce. I'll keep you guessing about what I will put in here each week. Enjoy! 

Favorite Article I've Read

A Trick I Learned  

What's Past is Prologue

My Next Read 

A Website That Rocks 

You Need the Right Tools

This Quote Spoke to me

It's all Living


Your Challenge

About this Blog. The idea for this blog came to me after watching the film, "That Sugar Film." One of the sugar industry leaders said that the public health people "came out of the woodwork after us" when they found out about the dangers of sugar. The public health workforce should be out of the woodwork and well-known to those all around the world, not only when a pandemic occurs. We, as a profession, need to be as well-known as the medical community, fire, police, businesses, and corporations.